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 Recruitment of:
- Healthcare professionals
- General nurses
- Pediatric nurses
- Elderly carers
- Physiotherapists
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                              About us

1. Foreword and goals      
Experienced and committed people work for Medical Cooptatione e.K., following 10 years of voluntary work in the BAS Continuing Education College e.V. The college promotes proper upbringing, education, work and health. It also focuses on social issues both in the field of ideas and with practical application. People are at the center of everything we do.

Medical Cooptation e.K. is dedicated to the recruitment of staff for hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, care facilities and outpatient care services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
 We focus on quality recruiting services. At the same time, we address the needs of nursing and medical personnel. We want to meet and exceed employers' expectations in staffing.
Our recruiting service looks for nursing staff in the countries of origin. We find the right personnel for the nursing and health care facilities. We have an international network and a professional pre-selection process. Thanks to that, we find suitable candidates who meet the employer's requirement profile.

We mainly recruit skilled workers from selected countries. There, the training content and the quality of skilled nurses are not very different from those in Germany.

Our main target groups are:

  • Healthcare professionals
  • General nurses
  • Pediatric nurses
  • Elderly carers
  • Physiotherapists
  • Nurses Caregiver
  • Surgical Technician (OTA)
  • Technical anesthesia assistant (ATA)
  • Midwife
  •  as well as specialist in further care professions.

2. Mission statement

 Medical Cooptatione e.K. has set its top priority in recruiting personnel for medical companies: the division of labor. That means that the executives and decision-makers in hospitals, nursing homes and outpatient care services concentrate on their internal operational organization and the treatment of their patients. Medical Cooptatione provides the specialists they need. That means mutual benefit for everyone.
 Medical Cooptatione e.K. knows how important an intelligent division of labor and a professional service is. Not only do demand and supply depend on it, but both aspects are essential for interpersonal communication and social peace. Therefore, we consider building and maintaining trust as the most important factors for a successful partnership between customers, employees and companies.

3. Vision

Our vision is to provide mutual benefits in:

  • promoting human communications
  • helping young people make the most of their own professional development

  • improving the everyday and labor market conditions of young people,
    strengthening people's personal responsibility for themselves and for society

  • improving and maintaining health care by attracting medical staff from abroad whenever needed

Our services are our heart and soul. For our clients, we offer an intelligent and inexpensive service. For our applicants, we provide motivation, honesty and social advice. We share this vision with our partners. We strive to be the best and to keep our promises.

4. Mission

Our mission is to promote communication, international understanding, international attitudes, mutual recognition, mutual benefit and respect among people working in the health sector beyond the borders of our own country. For us, the division of labor leads to a better life and improved health care.

5. Values

Ethics/morals: We respect people - without exception. We want to promote mutual recognition. Moreover, we keep improving our services to the satisfaction of our clients and applicants. It is self-evident for us to comply with social and ethical standards in line with our mission statement.

Honesty: Honesty and honest conduct towards people and the state.

Loyalty and accountability: Loyalty to the state and responsibility for employee and customer satisfaction.

Humanity: Social and community engagement - that pays off. We see ourselves not only as mediators and promoters of professional competencies, but also as a social forum that, in addition to the medical recruitment, also acts as a mediator for the recruited specialists between them and the employers if problems arise in the integration process and in the daily professional life.

Excellence: Through extraordinary efforts, medical staff is brought to excellent positions. We keep improving ourselves. That, in turn, further develops the effectiveness of our work organization.
Quality: We and our clients, employers and employees, consultants and advisors always want to achieve the best together. We understand quality as the sum of the expectations and demands of our customers (clients and applicants). It is our responsibility to meet and exceed these.

                                 Friendly medical staff

Friendly and trustworthy medical staff is vital for health and care facilities. They build trust in patients and give them a feeling of security. Both are necessary for the patient's physical recovery. To do that, the medical staff require good working conditions so they can enjoy inner harmony. In turn, that means that employers should not save on personnel costs and cause too much stress and work pressure for the employees.
 Recruiting well-trained and friendly staff from countries in Southeastern Europe, East Asia, but also from other countries will cost you a lot of time and money as an employer. We will save you this effort and find specialists for you. Trust us and put us to the test!


      Our competence and efficiency - your advantage

We have very efficient recruitment management and personnel tracking systems that meet the needs of our customers. We ensure the best service, the best support and customer satisfaction.
 Our recruiting from third countries starts with the initial contact with the skilled workers in the target countries. We explain to them the German Skilled Workers Immigration Act so they understand their duties and rights. Moreover, we receive applications and forward them to potential employers. Finally, we help the recruits to have their foreign professional qualifications and professional training permits recognized by German authorities.
 Quality of workers is our goal. Therefore, we screen all candidates before submitting their resume. It is important to us to also check the candidates for their personality, attitude, education, skills, work experience and the legitimacy of certificates. We ensure open communication and transparency for all of our candidates.
 We value our clients and candidates' time. Working closely with you, we only forward you high-quality resumes that meet your expectations and budget. Both sides benefit as we can support each other's goals within the required timeline.

Further details will be agreed individually with the clients/employers. Benefit from our competence and our


       Personal de enfermería de América Latina

The residents of Latin America are friendly and happy to help others. These countries are strongly influenced by their European, African and Asian immigrants. They are familiar with the customs, culture and religion in Europe and can easily care for people in Germany. With their rich cultural heritage, they will quickly find their place in the new work and living space.
 In Europe, they are particularly oriented towards Germany. Here, they can expand their skills and gain international professional experience. Ideal working and living conditions make Germany an attractive destination for them.
 By comparison, their home countries offer unfavorable living conditions. As a result, they very much appreciate the opportunity to work in Germany. That also allows for better future prospects for their children. Therefore, nurses from South America are a valued addition for employers in the areas of hospitals, old people's homes and outpatient care services.


                  The potential of the medical team from India

In view of the increase in global migration from India as well as the increasing diversification of destinations (including within the EU), it can be expected that, in addition to doctors, nursing staff from India to Germany will continue to increase.

The Indians are known in Germany as highly qualified research, development, IT, management and business. The main subjects of study for Indian students in Germany include mathematics, natural and engineering sciences, primarily at master's or doctoral level. After the World Health Organization (WHO) determined in mid-2021 that Indian nurses can now be recruited,  Indian nurses represent a great potential.

Nursing staff, especially from the Indian state of Kerala, are to be recruited for work in German clinics and care facilities, as the German federal agency announced.

                           Medical staff from the Philippines  

Filipinos are considered friendly, adaptable, competent, disciplined and resistant to stress, especially in the health sector. We will be happy to recruit these valued specialists for you.
 Filipinos are especially good with older people. Respecting the elderly is important in their culture. They all grow up in large families, making them ideal nurses.
 Filipino nurses are trained in a university education based on a state framework curriculum. The skill level therefore is comparable, whichever university they graduated from. There are only a few essential differences to the German nursing education, all in the area of ​​basic care. It takes little effort to bring them to the German standard. You can take care of that on the job.
 Further details will be agreed individually with the clients/employers. Benefit from our competence and our efficient recruitment management!
 In principle, we only recruit specialists with two to three years of professional experience for Germany.



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